Golfers do not want to be “hackers” but I started golf as a hacker in a small town in Minnesota. I did not have a golf professional to give me lessons, so I became self-taught. I remember reading somewhere that you align yourself to the target like railroad tracks. I really did not know core fundamentals that every golfer should learn:

GASPB = grip, aim, stance, posture and ball position

Over the years, I practiced hard and eventually became a low handicapper. When I practiced, I placed clubs on the ground, as we all have, to develop a “practice station.” Then I progressed to some custom-made alignment rods.

When using two alignment rods, I recognized that one correctly positioned my stance so my body was “parallel and left” of the target line. But, the second one lying on the ground never really aimed my clubface at the desired “target line.”

I therefore realized that I really did not need a second alignment rod on the ground. As I became a better golfer, correct ball position became more important. Laying a club on the ground perpendicular to the stance line was my first option to teach me where ball position should be for a chosen club. Then, I started putting a golf ball on the ground along my stance line to give me ball position guidance.

Thus, HackersRx was born! The practice station makes you “take dead aim” at the target and the “ball positioning” of the HackersRx training aid gives you confidence that you are indeed positioning your golf ball in your stance where you want it depending on the club your using, as you can see in this site’s Use It section, which provides a brief tutorial with photos to help you set up your HackersRx.

HackersRx will give all golfers a consistent quality practice session to better their games. For amateurs, it teaches correct stance, aim and ball position. For the professional, it reinforces and refines good fundamentals.

HackersRx is the prescription for proper practice.


Richard L. “Dick” Miller, DDS, MS