Peer Testimonials

We’ve only recently gotten our first HackersRx sample products into the hands of non-professional golfers looking to significantly improve their game.

Most have been lifetime golfers in North Carolina, where the product was invented, and Jacksonville, FL in the neighborhood of PGA Tour Pro and Swing Station spokesman Billy Kratzert.

Already the accolades are coming in!

“Using the HackersRx at the Open! Thanks again. Great product!”
Zach Edmondson, PGA Tour Pro at the 2016 US Open

Zach Edmondson USOpen HackersRx

“Doc, I think you’ve got something here!”
~ Rick H., Hendersonville, NC

“Damn Cool!”
~ Tommy T., Hendersonville, NC

“Better than the alignment rods!”
~ Bill A., Hendersonville, NC

“ It’s so easy and simple to use….”
~ Aaron C – Hendersonville, NC

“I can fit it in my golf bag.”
~Steve L., Jacksonville FL

~Tyler V., TPC Sawgrass, Jacksonville FL

“You can use it with all clubs and even the putter.”
~ Carl J., Jacksonville, FL

“I can work on my ball position with all my clubs for predictable results.”
~ David C., TPC Sawgrass, Jacksonville, FL

“I’ve worked in design for a couple of decades … simple tools, like HackersRx, are often by far the best.”
~ Colin M., Los Angeles, CA

“Very cool. Now if only it could make me a better snow skier, too!”
~ Robby B., Boulder, CO