Pro Instructors

HackersRx is being used by PGA and LPGA tour professionals to help refine good fundamentals as well as amateurs to correct their stance, aim and ball position, all of which are keys to becoming a better golfer. Below are just a few of the great things professional instructors are saying about HackersRx.

Billy Kratzert

“Every golfer will want one in their bag to use on the practice range.”

– Billy Kratzert, PGA Tour Professional
Four-Time PGA Tour Winner
Golf Commentator and Analyst

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Watch him and Bill Harmon provide a HackersRx demo here.



Bill Harmon

“HackersRx is the simplest golf training tool ever!”
– Bill Harmon, PGA Tour Professional

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Watch him and Billy Kratzert provide a HackersRx demo here.