Get started improving your game straight away with the HackersRx. See how by clicking below on the most common training exercises including detailed descriptions and tutorial photos.

Also check out our Highlights and 18-minute Demonstration Videos featuring PGA Tour Professionals Billy Kratzert, a four-time PGA Tour winner, and Bill Harmon, who Golf Magazine ranks among the Top 100 Instructors.

To Get Started

Setting up your Practice Station is easy. It will quickly be evident how you can work on alignment on every shot.

Ball Position

It’s the key to making practice consistent and includes your alignment with and distance from the ball.

How To Flight The Ball

Whether you want to flight the ball lower or flight the ball higher, your shot making starts as you address the ball.

Draw The Ball

Your HackersRx tool creates a direct visual aid for the swing path required to properly hit a draw.

Fade The Ball

Your HackersRx tool creates a visual aid for the proper path your arms and hands should travel.

Pitch Shots

Ball position promotes the proper pitching trajectory. HackersRx mimics the impact position you want.

Chip Shots

Ball position promotes the proper chipping trajectory. HackersRx helps create impact position at address.

Sand Bunker & Lob/Flop

The HackersRx ball will help guide you to the point where you want the club to enter the sand or grass.


“Putting is about being able to set up correctly each and every time, and HackersRx does this!” ~ Billy Kratzert

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